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[English] Handover of New Students for the Academic Year 2023/2024 at Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School: A New Beginning towards Success in this World and the Hereafter

Air Mesu Timur, July 19, 2023 (1 Muharram 1445 H) - Today, Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School celebrates a special moment in their annual agenda by conducting the handover of new students for the academic year 2023/2024. More than a thousand parents and prospective new students attended the event.

The event commenced at 8:00 AM (Western Indonesia Time) when parents of the new students arrived at the location and received queue numbers for the new student administrative process. The new students, accompanied by their parents, eagerly proceeded to the administrative area to complete the registration and dormitory preparation.

At 1:30 PM (WIB), all the new students and their parents gathered at the mosque of Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School to participate in the introduction and handover ceremony. The event began with an opening speech and continued with the recitation of divine verses beautifully delivered by M. Abdul Aziz, an 11th-grade student at MA Nurul Falah.

Next, Ust. Iskandar, the host of the event, introduced all the foundation executives and micro-organizational structure to the parents to foster closer relationships.

Following that, Ust. H. M. Tahmi M.Pd.I., as the Secretary I of the Foundation, led a prayer seeking blessings for the activities of the day. Then, a warm welcome speech from the foundation supervisor, Ust. H. Rusli, M.Pd.I., greeted the new students and parents, expressing hope that they would feel like family in the boarding school environment.

The General Chairman of the Foundation, Ust. Sulaiman, S.Pd.I., then delivered meaningful advice with the message TITIP (Tega, Ikhlas, Tawakal, Ikhtiar, Percaya) to the parents, emphasizing the importance of wholeheartedly supporting the students' educational process.

Ust. Sani, S.Pd.I., took the opportunity to introduce the boarding school environment, which serves as a home for more than a thousand students. He also discussed the plan for the development of Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School 2 and the idea of establishing a higher education institution that would mark further achievements for the boarding school.

The final speech came from a representative of the parents, Ust. Suparman, a parent from Labu Village, Puding Besar Sub-district. Drawing from his personal experience, he shared stories and gave advice to parents not to easily believe negative reports from their children in the boarding school. Sometimes, children merely look for reasons to leave the boarding school because their adaptation process has not fully taken place. He urged parents to always provide support and love to help the children achieve success in religious, academic, and non-academic education at Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School.

The event continued with the highlight moment, the symbolic handover from parents to the school authorities. This act symbolized the trust of the parents in entrusting their sons and daughters to delve into various disciplines of knowledge and undergo meaningful education at Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School.

The introduction and handover ceremony for the new students at Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School took place solemnly and with great enthusiasm of togetherness. May the new students and parents receive knowledge and blessings throughout their educational journey in this loving and caring boarding school. Welcome to the extended family of Nurul Falah Islamic Boarding School.

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